Modesty Sofa by Nika Zupanc
by Harry / April 13, 2010

With a collection named Gone with the Wind it's fitting that Nika Zupanc's centrepiece sofa is called Modesty. Much of her previous work, feminine and fueled by modern angst (and humor), is symbolic and carries emotional readings of design told through elements of modesty and self-reliance. Hello Scarlett.


Wind Pavillion (made with Qbiss panels)

On show now in Milan at Superstudio Più the entry point to the world of Nika Zupanc is a tiny house driven by toy-like windmills on the outside and "a big bang of connotations" inside.

"A frame for her gallery and a prism for readings of her work - is also a metaphorical structure. The Wind Pavilion stands as an icon evoking a sense for nature. With it, Nika Zupanc embraces the issue of responsibility by introducing the elegance and poetry of creative expression into predominately technical solutions."


Modesty Sofa

"By positioning archetypes that are considered feminine in the carefully selected centers of public attention, her chillingly beautiful forms become emerging reference points. Her battles are of a higher style, and so the presence of famous female literary heroines remains mandatory."


"high-heeled maple"

The surfaces of the Modesty Sofa have been cut in a restrained fashion but broken sharply, "so that the timber would be as it should be"... broken. Black sateen was added as an intended excess, "If you can only remember beauties robbed of fortune but filled with elegance, then you know where this is heading. In spaces hungry for some identity, a discreet black ribbon comes as a pleasurably stimulating theme."

Modesty bench


Black cherry lamps, "a modular system of materialized desires"

Lighting is also part of the Gone with the Wind collection. "Every single cherry in the world was blessed with a shape that is simple and mysterious at the same time. This modular assembly of lamps pays homage to them all. In their dimension, their bigness also offers an air of poetically codified freedom." We did mention humor...


"Sugar cubes"

As are storage containers. "Neatly packed carbohydrates that persistently call to you to be opened, to have their innerness savored. They were envisioned as containers for secrets of all kind, but are also suitable for many other tasks. They can play the child away, or they can support a tired body or serve as a coffee table."

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