Error Bracelet by Eero Hintsanen
by sabine7 / March 29, 2010

Make no mistake, when traditional goldsmithing meets graffiti culture, the results are unexpected. The Error bracelet by Eero Hintsanen for Chao & Eero Jewel is a detailed 3D tag in silver, gold and enamel.


Eero embraces one of the many misspellings of his name (yes, Error is really one of them) by using it as a pen name, and thus this bracelet came about.


The goal was to use traditional techniques to create a contemporary piece that does not smack of convention at all. Drawing on a deep knowledge of graffiti, Hintsanen made the 127 components of this intricate bracelet by hand (except for the black enamel registration mark). The bracelet took 259 hours to complete.

The piece was created for the Finnish Master Goldsmith Exam that earned Hintsanen his professional title and will be part of an exhibition of work by twelve Finnish Master Goldsmiths in Helsinki.


Photos by Eero Hintsanen & Teemu Töyrylä

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