Packaged Vertical Garden by Luzinterruptus
by sabine7 / March 25, 2010

Though we clamour for more green in urban areas, we seem to be faced with less every day, sometimes reduced to compensating with vertical gardens. Madrid's Luzinterruptus, creators of stealth lighting installations, provides visual commentary on this situation by creating a vertical garden made from 110 transparent food packaging containers that they filled with local leaves and branches. And lights, of course.


Luzinterruptus chose an ugly, neglected wall in the city centre to mount the vertical garden.


One of the problems of such gardens is the lack of accessibility. Instead of beautifying the increase in cement faces, there is a need for more public green space that can be used by citizens.


The use of the plastic containers highlights the artificial nature of "solutions" that cannot be for the long term.


The image of pre-packaged greenery is enough to be effectively disturbing. Can we live with green spaces that can be reduced to two boxes?


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