Cintas Carpet by Patricia Urquiola
by sabine7 / March 24, 2010

The 2010 Cintas carpet for Chevalier Edition is based on the micrasterias algae, a unicellular organism that inspired Patricia Urquiola to work with a form that breaks away from the traditional rectangular shape used for rugs.


Urquiola considers Cintas an island to stretch out upon, rather than a work of art. For Urquiola, rugs are to be considered part of everyday living without any formal notes.


Maison Martin Margiela echoes this sentiment by underlining that the rug is akin to an accessory. Placing a carpet in a room is like putting the final touches on an outfit. The Empreintes carpet is inspired by the signature MMM footprint that is based on the fashion house's Tabi split-toed footwear (inspired in turn by the jikatabi socks worn with kimonos).


Miroir is the first carpet by Stephan Lanez who set about the conception of his design by putting the focus on objects, architecture, space, graphics and living space: in short, all the things that motivate him in all his work.


Laurent Godart is the designer behind 4 Saisons, inspired by the ever-changing ground outdoors throughout the four seasons. This vibrant rug with its irregular edges is meant to bring a bit of the outside indoors.


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