A Look at Formfjord
by sabine7 / March 3, 2010

Who could be behind Pinpin, the double-sided pin? Formfjord, the Berlin-based duo of Fabian Baumann and Sönke Hoof, designs with an emphasis on function and practicality, with a dose of humour for good measure. Exploring the Formfjord portfolio will reveal work that ranges from lighting and furniture to accessories, often involving action, movement, and interactivity.


Recently presented at the Northern Light Fair in Stockholm, Nave was designed for Zero Lighting and appears to float out from the wall. The roof-like frame came about when the designers were "working with inclined folding on flat material."


Candlelight plays a sizable role in Formfjord's designs. The Aura hurricane lamp appears to hover like a UFO, thanks to a polished ring of stainless steel that softens the candelight.


Mono-wing, a new release, is a handy candle-holder that makes insertion a breeze.


These colourful groupings certainly stand out. The Schweinchen or piggies are simple, yet lively stools with storage. How can such basic pieces of furniture take on so much personality? Fabian explains, "The Schweinchen stools always seem to be running around as soon as you turn your back on them. It is their crooked legs that make them seem so lively. The bright colour scheme and the OSB material do the rest."



Inspired by the tape measure, the Spring hanger can be poked easily into a tight space. Fabian says, "Spring was created for a coat-hanger exhibition in Milan 2 years ago. It was our focus to solve the problem of getting the hanger into narrow necklines. And the rolled spring-steel material can do the trick."


Although Fabs is a much older example of Formfjord's work, it is still a good example of the studio's practical nature.


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