Object by Minus Tio
by sabine7 / March 1, 2010

When we set eyes on Object, a cabinet that incorporates an unexpected variety of materials, we knew we needed to learn more about its makers.


Minus Tio is a Malmö-based design studio that takes its name from a beautiful New Year's Day: "minus ten degrees, sunny and a fine snow cover." We asked one of the founders, Olle Wingård, to tell us more.

Object - detail

"We started about two and a half years ago. Ingrid Svensson and I wanted to take some successful early designs to the next level. Since we have a somewhat holistic view on furniture - and like to be in control - we decided to start a producing company."


The team consists of: (Top, l to r) Ingrid Svensson, architect who's involved in everything creative. Also knows the housing industry. Oskar Wingård, market and sales contact. Brother to Olle. Olle Wingård, manager and designer in charge of production. (Bottom, l to r) Mats Theselius, super skilled designer who dares to do things that out of the ordinary. Jonas Forsman, designer with a talent for smart, technical solutions. Andreas Roth, artist and designer, working as a team with Mats.

Audrey - detail

What are some of the influences for your designs?

We like old things and early high tech.


The Object cabinet was shown recently at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. What was the reaction to such a mix of materials?

It was fantastic. To show such an odd piece was a bit of a gamble. However, it seemed to touch many hearts in an otherwise rather homogeneous fair.


What is the current mood in the Swedish design world?

Well, the conceptual design ideas have been replaced with an interest in quality and craftsmanship. Swedish designers are quite confident at the moment so we see nice things coming up.


What's next for Minus Tio?

The last six months have been great for us, both in terms of design and sales. In the near future we will increase our presence outside of Scandinavia. Mats and Andreas are making new sketches and Ingrid and I saw this great turned thing last week that might be useful.

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