Cinderella's Revenge by Emerald Faerie
by sabine7 / February 18, 2010

What better name for a chandelier created by Fiona Gall as an altar to the love of shoes than Cinderella's Revenge?


Designer behind the Emerald Faerie bespoke lighting collections, Gall was inspired by the haute couture shoes creations by Terry De Havilland. Gall's latest work of sculptural lighting and fiber optic illumination is an interpretation of De Havilland's oeuvre, echoing the glamour of his materials, the shape of the 7-inch heels and the tools used in the process. The effect is highly theatrical. How can it not be, with an 8-ft drop?


De Havilland returned the compliment of this homage by designing a pair of shoes to be included in Cinderella's Revenge, with heels covered in gold and silver iguana skin, forming the apex of the chandelier.


A cascade of tubular glass, metallic chain, Swarovski crystal and miniature magnifying glasses are among the details of the magnificent piece. A train of luxuriously covered heels trails along the floor, with light fading from the tubular glass fringes.


Cinderella's Revenge has just been installed in the women's shoe department at Liberty of London and will be the subject of four film shorts by Catherine Taylor.


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