Glimpse Mirror by Sarah T. Kang
by sabine7 / February 17, 2010

Beyond the looking glass is a world just out of reach, but Sarah T. Kang's Glimpse mirror for Feld allows us to take a peek.


This clever sliver of a mirror takes the shape of a partially open door that allows the passerby to catch a reflection of a counterpart or alter-ego living a parallel life. Glimpse leaves us to wonder what else is going on beyond what we can see.


Another offering from Feld's 2010 collection of mirrors is Blur by Big Game, a mirror that allow the reflection to (appear to) fade way gently. A silkscreened white gradient creates the illusion.


Airline by Alain Berteau and Sarah T. Kang is a play on the shape of an airplane window, fooling us into believing we are getting a glimpse into the clouds.


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