Step Parquet by Elisabeth Buecher
by Harry / February 15, 2010

From Elisabeth Buecher of Puff & Flock, a concept for a game to encourage kids to exercise in a rewarding way. Called Step Parquet, kids step on parquet laths that rise and light up with surprises hidden inside.


From Elisabeth Buecher:

"In big cities we live in less and less space. Our kids are becoming more and more inactive and getting bigger and bigger. I have designed Step Parquet to encourage kids to exercise in a rewarding way. The laths of the Step Parquet rise and light up, your child has to step on them. You can hide it wherever you want. The game doesn't take up too much space in your small flat because it is hidden within the laths of your parquet. It works with kinetic energy and even produces electricity. The more you child play with it, the more energy he gets to play with his videogame."


Along the same lines, for inactive kids, there's also Pump Parquet (above). Kids activate pumps hidden within the floor to inflate their toys or charge their videogames.




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