Adventures Close to Home by La Ville Rayée
by Harry / February 10, 2010

Architecture collective La Ville Rayée has created a series of nested tables each designed to support single objects such as a mug, a laptop or a potted plant. When not in use the tables can also be stacked to form domestic totems.


Called Adventures Close to Home the tables combine "hyperfunctionalism and reminiscences of architectural patterns" and were created for Entrisme's exhibition at the galerie du jour agnes b..


La Ville Rayée is an architecture group founded in 2006 by David Apheceix, Benjamin Lafore and Sebastien Martinez-Barat. The group considers "architecture as a large disciplinary field, which includes multiple forms of practice, projects by La Ville Rayée find themselves at the convergence of theoretical prospects, radical design and constructive necessities."


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