Heavy Metal: First Look
by sabine7 / January 26, 2010

Paul Petro Special Projects Space may be small in size, but currently features a heavyweight exhibition of nine new cast metal objects by a group of Toronto-based designers.

Relief by Rob Southcott

The exhibition was conceived to explore some of the specific formal properties of various metals used in design.

Iron Table by Derek McLeod

The words used to describe its characteristics are strong: mass, heft, density, solidity, substance, darkness, power, permanence, and authenticity. The exhibition's atmosphere can be described as quietly confident.

Heavy Light by Dieter Janssen

There is nothing flashy about the pieces on display; if anything, they evoke a sense of calm. The metal's heft is played up and its presence is imposing.

New & Improved Chair by Chromoly

The cast metal items in the show include domestic objects, furniture, lighting and conceptual explorations.

Great Lakes by Joy Charbonneau & Ed Zec

Heavy Metal continues at Paul Petro Special Projects in Toronto through January 30, 2010.

+ paulpetro.com
+ heavymetaldesign.com


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