[D3] Design Talents: First Look
by Jaime / January 23, 2010

IMM Cologne is underway, and as one of the first design shows of the year, it is a place to find fresh ideas and emerging trends. The first stop on this journey is the [D3] Design Talents hall, where the work of young designers is on display.

The [D3] Design Talents space is divided into three areas; one for professionals, students and the winners of IMM Cologne's annual design competition. Of the 649 ideas that were submitted to [D3] Contest, only 30 were selected for the show. One unifying theme this year is play - designers are offering unusual and light-hearted twists during distressing times.

Among the highlights are several intriguing lights; Adam Farlie's Mourning Lamp, Pepe Heykoop's Brickchandelier and Lifegoods AT-AT Walker.


Farlie's Mourning Light is an exploration of archetypal forms. At first glance the lamp looks like nothing more than a super-size shade, but upon closer inspection one realizes there is nothing inside. The interior of the lamp is a black void, the source of light comes from the shade itself.


Pepe Heykoop's Brickchandelier is the follow-up piece to Brickchair, a design that was based on a drawing by James Gulliver Hancock. The massive chandelier, composed of over 1500 bricks, is reminiscent of childhood building blocks and lego sets.


The Swiss studio, Lifegoods, created AT-AT Walker with science fiction in mind. Inspired by the tall walking machines in Star Wars, this elegant wooden cabinet features a dimmable sliding light.


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