Stefan Boublil's 2009 Design Top 5
by sabine7 / January 3, 2010

Stefan's Top 5 are uniquely Stefan's.


Duncan Wilson: Cup Communicator

The ability to revive memories in a way that both respects and makes them meaningful again is a task that too often is the downfall of many a designer who borrows and ultimately fails. The cup communicator by Duncan Wilson avoids the usual pitfalls by remaining simple and functional, exactly as the original.


Prima Vista by Andy Gilmore

Probably because I understand none of it, I am attracted and fascinated by math and physics. Whether the sciences provide foundational explanations or are mere tools to explain our existence, they are often forgotten to be a prescient form of art. Something Andy Gilmore is working at changing, quite beautifully.


Kyly Sauna by Avanto Architects

If I had to die sweating there's really only two ways to go: on top of an over-the-hill methed-out tranny picked up in New York's 1983's meat market or Avanto Architects' sauna. Can't it be both?...


Special Edition 500 Abarth Exclusively for France

Cars are pure evil, that's just fact. That said, I would probably gladly trade the speedgrey edition of the Fiat 500 for my seat at the Grand Ole Opry, it's that good. The design fits perfectly between the over-feminine Beetle and the over-masculine Mini, just like me.


Stefan Boublil's Tokyo

I hate to be self-referential here (not I don't) (maybe a little) (actually, not at all) but my favorite encore trip this year was to Tokyo, a city I revere and whose people I love bowing to. It is the best place to go for creative people in search of otherness as a means of inspiration, for people fed up with lack of respect for themselves and their art, for people who don't want to wait for the past and future to finally fuse into the present.

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