Greg Ball's 2009 Design Top 5
by Greg / January 2, 2010

Another year of global recession favored social media development, materials innovation, and the new, sharply-dressed MoCo Loco website.

Greg Ball

Outside of the new horizontal format of Moco (that I still really love),
these were my favorite designs of the year:


Paintless Coca-Cola Can

A green, and paintless Coca-Cola can that is recycling friendly nearly made me
start drinking pop again.


Colander Table by Daniel Rohr

The manufacturing and aesthetics-heavy Colander table; a stunning design
w/909 holes from 408kg of solid aluminum.


SUP.SOG by Jungmo Kwon

An unexpected material for lighting. SUP.SOG, evokes the forest through it's precision imagery on cardboard surfaces.


NoordNoordWest Lamp by JJB Environmental Design

An installation of 30 lights called lightly clouded. JJB Environmental reduces the lampshade to its bare essentials; to soften the light from the source.


Gaudi-stool by Bram Geenen

Gaudi styled stool built like a vaulted ceiling and weighs less than a kilogram.

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