Donald Corey's 2009 Design Top 5
by sabine7 / December 28, 2009

This Week MoCo contributors share their design favorites of 2009. First up, designer Donald Corey from Raleigh, North Carolina,

Donald Corey


Lamp by Romy Kühne

This just caught my eye the first time I saw the picture of its shell; I had to know what it looked like underneath... and I was not disappointed. Being super clean and precise in its execution really makes this a beautiful fixture. Bucky would be proud.


Petting Farm by 70F Architecture

I love it when someone takes time to make the most utilitarian of objects beautiful and interesting. This simple yet profound design really makes this a destination for more than learning about the animals.


Seeyou by Ivanka

Again another often overlooked area of life :) that could use a little design related sympathy is the death industry. This monument by Ivanka can best be described as eloquent and peaceful. It is a wonderful direction for marking someone's passing.

RFID Radio by Matt Brown

I love it when someone creates what could become a guerrilla/parasitic product group. This almost decorative paper model contains a brilliant surprise - it commandeers the radio station. Wonderful, playful, and customizable
- what more could you ask for?


Poor Little Fish by Yan Lu

Water is going to become a bigger and bigger issue in the years to come. This product really hits home the idea of reducing consumption. It is a little twisted,
but sometimes that's what it takes.

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