2 (or 3 ...) Questions for Vladimir Rachev
by sabine7 / December 3, 2009

In addition to being a product designer, Vladimir Rachev is an illustrator, graphic designer and photographer. Despite a plethora of concepts and artwork that reveals a sky's-the-limit sort of nature, Rachev remains grounded with work like the Soil Cutlery that serves to remind us of the source of the food on our plates.

Soil Cutlery

The Soil Cutlery seems so obvious when we see it, but what was your eureka moment before this design came to mind?

Well, the design was made for a brief called "Dining in 2015". I wanted to underline a social issue which might arise by that year, instead of exploring futuristic aesthetics, materials or technology. Throughout the concepts I wanted to make them a bit rustic, a bit out of shape, not particularly pretty. The association with gardening tools came quickly after that.

Espresso Cups

You call your range of products a "collection of ideas" - what is the link between them?

They are called "ideas" because they are not really products at the moment. I have never thought of that question before, because I do not think my work follows a particular style or topic. Maybe the quality they share is that they are all a bit of a "mix and match" of products, experiences and ideas.

Sitting Manners

Chairs are a big focus for you in terms of furniture design. What are your priorities when designing seating?

It is the communication of the idea and concept.

What type of chair suits you best?

I find comfort very easily. I don't work on one of these ultra ergonomic chairs with lots of buttons and levers (although my back might regret this in future). Things other than comfort are distracting me more often. I use my computer in the kitchen, on my couch, in my bedroom; I don't have a chair with a desk type workstation.


What is next for Vladimir Rachev?

I am on the lookout for collaborators and trying to turn some of my ideas into products. Also working on a few new things which I hope I can show at OBJECT Rotterdam.

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