Inside Urban Collection by The Emotion Lab
by sabine7 / November 19, 2009

Barcelona's Emotion Lab wants us to pay attention to our surroundings and take in the urban landscape.

Antenna Hanger

The Inside Urban Collection is inspired by the oft-overlooked markers of the city, such as the Antenna Hanger that reflects a classic skyline icon

Antenna Hanger

Most of the pieces in this collection are collapsible and can be easily stored in smaller spaces.

Space Divider

The common road barrier becomes a room divider that has shutters that open or close for more or less privacy and light.

Mirror Light

The mirror light amplifies room space, a tip of the hat to the convex mirrors that show what lurks around the corner.

Scaffold Shelving

Scaffold shelving is adjustable, floor-to-ceiling storage.

Room Cone

Pylons tend to warn people of problems, but the Room Cone sheds ambient light on the situation inside and comes in handy for anything from holding keys to snacks at parties.


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