2010 SE Cabinetmaker's Autumn Exhibition
by Harry / November 18, 2009

This year's Cabinetmaker's Autumn Exhibition in Copenhagen is inspired by COP15, the upcoming climate change summit being held in the same city.

On now until January 31, 2010 here are our picks from SE 2010
(Via Architonic and Yatzer).

Seat On The Edge by Ben & Sebastian

This year's theme for the SE Cabinetmaker's Autumn Exhibition is inspired by the upcoming climate change summit, COP15, where world leaders are going to attempt to improve on the 1997 Kyoto Protocol.

Tril Til Dialog by Claus Landry Bjerre

COP15 is a summit that requires an open mind, determination and collaboration.

Een Dobbeltstel Til Bjorn Lomborg by Henrik Ingemann Nielsen

Called DIALOGUE - a chair that is up for negotiation, the SE 2010 show asks:

"Would Obama, Netanyahu or Hu Jintao all pick the same chair for negotiations during the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit, COP15?
Might the chair be a sandbox?
Two chairs tied together by one length of fabric?
Might it resemble a fountain with water jets indicating different points of view?
Be a transparent wall?
Or a chair with flexible legs?
Does it even make sense to think that a chair can make a difference?"

Dialogtrad by Jeremy Walton

Spring Back by Henrik Soerig Thomsen

Sandkasse by Peter Johansen and Ingeborg Stence Clausen

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