Slim Office by Bertjan Pot
by Jaime / November 12, 2009

If only one's workload could be as slim as Bertjan Pot's Slim Office.


The Slim Office is a twist on Pot's earlier Slim Table, with magnetic steel to keep office equipment, wiring and drawers in place with magnets.

"The slim office is a slim table, dressed for the office. Though it was officially designed as a dinner table, quite a few people bought this prizewinning table for the office. To help out these people and new customers, we designed a few basic office add-ons and accessories for Arco."


Most of the add-ons have one or more magnets on or in them so they will stick to the table without glue or screws. And what about credit cards or hard drives? When the magnets are fixed to the table their field is too weak to harm digital data.


The waste-paper basket has a magnet in the straight edge that will cling to the table leg.


There is also an accompanying oak-veneered steel memo board.


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