100% Design Tokyo 2009: Glass
by Rebecca / November 4, 2009

Natural, wooden designs ruled this year's 100% Design Tokyo. Perhaps for that very reason, the handful of glossy and transparent pieces seemed to be winking at each other in glistening conspiracy across the room. Cool and light whereas wood is warm and solid, creations of glass, acrylic, and mirror offered a refreshing contrast.

Transparent and Reflective Chair (TRC) by Tomoaki Yoneta

Young designer Tomoaki Yoneta had these qualities in mind when he designed the aptly named Transparent and Reflective Chair.

30% by Ken Kimizuki

Ken Kimizuki's 30% chair, meanwhile, offered significance beyond its catchy appearance: the 30% wood used in the design roughly matches the rate of forest maintenance around the globe.

Formula by Daisuke Nagatomo & Minnie Jan

The design duo of Daisuke Nagatomo and Minnie Jan also had ecology (as well as simplicity) on the brain when they created their Formula design. Made from 16ft2 of eco-resin, this translucent chair requires no hardware or adhesive for assembly.

Onglass by Hiroko Machida

While the appearance of glass conjures an image of coolness, Hiroko Machida's Onglass table is made from glass patented to absorb and retain heat (and warm your hands and dinner plates).

Grandma by Destilat

Finally, Destilat's Grandma showed that not all shiny, mirrored cubes must be 100% modern--this one is printed with an image of grandma's lace.

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