100% Design Tokyo: Lighting
by Rebecca / November 3, 2009

Lighting at 100% Design Tokyo this year was characterized by clean simple lines, featuring little more than white fixtures and the warm glow of light itself. Korean designer Doosan Baek took the proverbial cake for creating an innovative piece both modular and energy efficient.

Drop Light by Doosan Baek

The chandelier-like Drop Light functions as a charging console for the four battery powered tear drop-shaped lights. Each individual light can be removed, flipped around, and placed around the room as a tabletop torche.

Drop Light by Doosan Baek

Lime by Rojak takes its name from the "li" of "light" and the "me" of "time"

A handful of space efficient works multi-tasked as lights, like Rojak's Lime (it's a clock, it's a light!) and Yoshifumi Sasamoto's Hitogata (it's a coat rack, it's a light!).

Hitogata by Yoshifumi Sasamoto, the light bulb "head" of this stick-figure shaped light evokes the flash of an idea.

Others were just plain fun, like the BGM Project lamp from Korean design duo Dongjin Byeon and Youngin Koh and the Bulb Lantern by Kouichi Yokomoto that decorated the ever-crowded 100% Shop area (and could be purchased on the spot).

BGM Project by Dongjin Byeon and Youngin Koh

Bulb Lantern by Kouichi Yokomoto

Numen Light by For Use

Though understatement reigned (over "this is the future" spelled out in neon lights), the prism-like prototype Numen Light by Austrian design collective For Use deserved a category of its own.

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