Rezon by Simon Morasi Piperčić
by Harry / October 14, 2009

Recent University of Zagreb School of Design grad Simon Morasi Piperčić has created a new, contemporary, acoustic musical instrument called Rezon (from resonate). Piperčić wanted to explore the non-digital musical world, where, as he says, "not much new has happened in a long time".


"The Rezon has 2 octaves and 15 tones per octave. The tone pitch depends on the instrument's bar height. Bars are different heights; on one side is a lower octave, and on the other side, a higher octave."


"In both octaves, tones are systematically situated on the instrument's body, going from lower to higher, from the center to the periphery. The vibration of a bar with one free end creates a sound; during the twitch of a bar, the vibration is transmitted into the instrument's body/resonant box, the sound then escapes through the holes."


There are several ways to play the instrument; twitching the bars with your fingers, striking the bars with metal rings - to create a different timbre, striking the instrument's body/resonant box like a percussion instrument, swinging the instrument (there are small metal balls in the instrument that make a rustling sound).

"Over the last 50 years especially, Western acoustic instruments themselves have failed to adapt, and are perhaps in danger of becoming fossilized." (quotation from the book "Acoustic instruments for alternative tuning systems" by Patrick Ozzard Low). Until now.

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