Batman&Robin Lamps by ZMIK
by Harry / September 28, 2009

Swiss design studio ZMIK have put their Batman&Robin lamps into production, inspired by the superheroes, the suspension lamps feature an angular folded shade that is made from a single piece of aluminum.




From ZMIK:

The pair of lamps takes inspiration from the superheroes of the same names. The designs are both suspension lamps that feature an angular folded shade that is made from a single piece of aluminium composite with a translucent core that serves as the hinge. The bulb inside reflects off the inside of the shade bouncing the light around to create a very atmospheric mood. The edges of the shade also give off a glow thanks to the core material. To make differentiation easier, Batman emits a wide light, while Robin produces a narrow cone of light.
...Batman & Robin are nocturnal creatures and very well adjusted to living in the air. They belong together, representing the relationship between a hero and his sidekick. During the day, the environment is reflected in their motionless bodies. It is only when it dawns that they awaken, brought to life. While their outer form slowly grows darker, the inside space of the sharp-edged features brims with light. The glowing edges now signal a state of highest alertness. Batman & Robin are very rarely seen alone. Mostly they are to be encountered in pairs or small swarms...



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