The Tournament by Jaime Hayon
by Jaime / September 23, 2009

Today is the last day of the Tournament, a gigantic chess match located in Trafalgar Square. Spanish designer Jaime Hayon crafted thirty-two unique ceramic chess pieces for the event, working in collaboration with Italian ceramics company Bosa. The chess board, made from a mosaic of glass tiles, was created by Bisazza. Each of the chess pieces was hand-painted by Hayon, incorporating imagery from some of London's most iconic buildings. Set above the board are two platforms, where players can sit back in one of Hayon's Showtime chairs and mastermind their next move.

Though the references the installation makes to the historic Battle of Trafalgar seem to have been lost on the crowd, many people were gathered to watch the matches take place and admire the designs. Throughout the event, which began September 19, members of the British Chess Federation played matches in the morning, with the public getting a chance in the afternoons.







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