Keepsake Box No. 8/25 by Fabian Bedolla & Jennifer Garcia
by sabine7 / September 22, 2009

Art collective WE-ARE-FAMILIA is currently launching the sixth, seventh and eighth of a series of keepsake boxes made from recycled and surplus materials. The first pieces of the edition of 25 boxes were launched at Colette, and each keepsake box contains about 40 pieces of original art work, including a diorama, a soundscape, a shirt, a set of coffee mugs and other multimedia pieces from this global family of artists. The keepsake boxes by Jennifer Garcia, Fabian Bedolla, Randy Lott and Leah Ellis are undoubtedly of this time and space, but evoke a sense of nostalgia.

WE-ARE-FAMILIA opens at the Reed Space NYC on September 24, 2009.

Keepsake Box No.6/25


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