Field and Luxury Skimming Stones by Dominic Wilcox
by sabine7 / September 22, 2009

Dominic Wilcox is in top form with two new pieces just in time for the London Design Festival. There is more than just a hint of nature in both concepts. One is a gentle field made of 400 eco-friendly shoes above (yes, you read that correctly), with the laces reaching towards the light. Field was created by using Terra Plana shoes for an installation at the Dock. Wilcox's Luxury Skimming Stones link earth and sea, with added value. A limited edition of twenty stones from Italy and the U.K. are covered in gold leaf and tucked into a made-to-measure leather belt pouch. This update on an old favourite will be featured in the Made by YCN exhibition on Rivington St. Will those stones ever get wet again?


Skimming Stones, "24ct gold leafed skimming stones complete with individually made to fit leather belt pouch. Each stone was hand picked by Dominic Wilcox as stones he would like to skim on his travels through Italy and the UK."


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