Young Creative Poland: Studio Beton & Oskar Zieta
by Jaime / September 21, 2009

Young Creative Poland is a special exhibition being shown in the Brompton Design District during London Design Week. The showcase is part of Polska!, a yearlong event which aims to promote Polish culture and design internationally. The pieces on display range across a variety of creative fields and focus on the work of young, emerging designers. Highlights of the show include the diverse range of products from the multi-disciplinary studio Beton and the work of Oskar Zieta.

Beton, a design firm run by Marta Rowinska and Lech Rowinski, has several interesting products in the show including Wall 2, a modular system made from cardboard and Fl/2, a piece of laser-cut foam which folds neatly into a tote. The designers also created a range of temporary "chair transformers" called S, which are used in meeting places throughout the exhibition. Oskar Zieta presented his range of Plopp stools along with his FiDU bench. Though the furniture looks like inflatable plastic, the pieces are actually made from thin sheets of metal and formed under high pressure.

S chair transformers by Beton

S chair transformers by Beton

F1/2 by Beton

Wall 2 by Beton

Plopp stools by Oskar Zieta

FiDU bench by Oskar Zieta


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