Kinetic Lights by Michael Anastassiades
by Harry / September 14, 2009

Made of linear tubes, geometric sources of light, reflective surfaces and counterbalancing weights, the pieces of this light/mobile rotate "freely and delicately, creating an ever changing lighting configuration"...


Some of the mobiles incorporate motors, rotating the structure as a whole or as individual elements.

From Michael Anastassiades:

A simple pendulum ending with a glass light ball swings from side to side, like a hypnotic tool seeking a link with the subconscious. Another assemblage of different elements slowly revolves around its main vertical axis. Some of the arms are individually motorized to move at different speeds, suggesting complex orreries or even atomic structures. An illuminated glass ball is slowly moving along thin steel cables that are fixed between two facing walls. The movement is subtle, a gentle reminder of life cycles and the passage of time.


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