Tupa Armchair by Simo Heikkilä
by Jaime / September 15, 2009

The Habitare Fair in Helsinki included a special exhibit on EcoDesign curated by professor Yrjö Kukkapuro. More than 80 designers/studios were asked to participate by showcasing a form of sustainable seating. Though some of the chairs on display were already in production, many of the designers chose to create new experimental solutions and prototypes.

Some of the highlights included Terhi Tuominen's Fold, a stackable dining chair with slight geometric angles built into the seat and back. Kimmo Varjoranta displayed a simple wooden chair/stool set, while Portuguese designer Ana Mestre showcased her free-form Puf-Fup seat made from balls of cork. Finnish interior architect Simo Heikkilä made a basic armchair, while using recycled wood shavings as cushions. Hannu Kahonen of Creadesign decided not to use any new materials at all, opting instead to craft his chair from leftover produce crates.

Tupa by Simo Heikkilä

Puf-Fup by Ana Mestre

Orange Box by Hannu Kahonen

Pylkero by Kimmo Varjoranta

Fold by Terhi Tuominen

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