Somedemos: Sugar & Spaghetti by Laura Pokela
by Jaime / September 14, 2009

During Helsinki Design Week the Design Migration Association organized Somedemos, a unique pairing of exhibitions which took place at the Design Forum Finland and the Habitare Fair. Each of the participating designers created two pieces along the same theme; one more commercial in approach, the other the more conceptual. The result was a look at, "the extremities of a design process," providing two perspectives on one idea. Among the pieces on display were Camilla Kropp's water/wine glass containers along with the elegant champagne versions. Laura Pokela's Sugar & Spagetti textiles included printed tablecloths (above) paired with intricately cut felt pieces. Sampo, a coffee grinder made by Tiina Tarvainen, was offered in both a traditional wooden form and a log version for a humorous twist.

Spaghetti by Laura Pokela

Urban Posh by Camilla Kropp

Chic Up by Camilla Kropp

Sampo 1 by Tiina Tarvainen

Sampo 2 by Tiina Tarvainen


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