2 (or 3 ...) Questions for DBWT
by sabine7 / October 29, 2009

Daria Burlinska and Wojtek Traczyk are the team that makes up Poland's DBWT. Wojtek is the graphic designer who takes care of the 2D elements and Daria is the product and interior designer whose lighting caught our attention at shows in London and Milan. DBWT's pendant lamps are dramatic sculptures that make use of various recycled materials. Each one is quite different, but the common link is the combination of aesthetics and usefulness. Daria told us more about DBWT.

The Onion

The textures of some of the cast-off materials or industrial waste you use are very appealing. What materials do you have the most access to, and which ones are your favourites?

I love to play with materials which I can collect somewhere from my surroundings. I hope everyone can see results of that approach in my projects: I use plastics from industrial waste ("The Onion", "The Bubble Gum"). as well as prefabricated glass elements from a factory nearby ("Cumulus Maximus"), or plastic yoghurt bottles ("Milk Product"). Right now, I am doing some prototypes with paper and cardboard...

Milk Product

There is a DBWT focus on lighting at the moment, whereas seating was the main event earlier in your design career. What is your preference? Do you plan on covering a range of products?

Back in 2007, I had the pleasure of doing my diploma work in a furniture studio led by professor Aleksander Kuczma (Academy of Fine Arts, Poznan). A few months later, I pushed myself into business by establishing DBWT, a design studio and family-run production facility. My very first product, "The Onion" lamp, shared the same materials, technology and even the name of my diploma's work. That was the beginning, but of course, I am constantly working on developing something new - light and furniture objects, as well.


What is the Polish design scene currently like?

Poland is rapidly changing. Not everything shines bright, but there is much proof that the weather for designers is getting better. Many gifted professionals are entering the stage; we had some design fiestas in Lodz, Poznan and elsewhere. Even the word 'design' is trendy these days. So, we are optimistic about the future. We hope that the local design scene will be as strong as in the 60s, at least.

Bubble Gum

What is next for DBWT?

First, new products branded by us (won't tell you anything right now, it's a secret!). Besides that, we hope that our past experience in design consultancy and services for interested companies will be growing still - it always brings fresh air into our studio and our heads!

Cumulus Maximus

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