Gorenje Appliances by Karim Rashid
by Harry / September 8, 2009

Designer Karim Rashid has partnered with European appliance maker Gorenje for a collection of kitchen appliances called The Touch Of Light...


The signature feature on the appliances is a full length handle or strip that is backlit with colored LEDs that can be changed for other colors.





From Gorenje:

The graphic details continue across the stovetop wherein functionality and decoration find a seamless synergy. So one can customize and light their kitchen effectively and efficiently at the same time. Gorenje's high quality execution of all details and application of durable materials are the final elements making this a memorable collection.
Hence, Gorenje is the first home appliance manufacturer to offer a solution that allows the users to change the colour of their oven or refrigerator exterior. The vertical LED light stripe allows several colour versions, providing the option to adjust the appearance of the appliance to one's current mood, or indeed one's lifestyle. The new innovative collection addresses the more demanding customers, the admirers of excellent design and timeless beauty. The touch of light - now in your kitchen.

Says Karim, "I have wanted to design appliances for ages. It was a great exercise in rethinking the banal. Too often we are relegated to tired archetypes. Design is about shaping contemporaneity. Design is critical to our environments, to our daily experiences, our products, our everything".


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