Ice-fern by Aurélie Mossé & Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen
by Harry / September 8, 2009

More London Design Week previews from Puff & Flock, Ice-fern, a window-sculpture designed at CITA by Aurélie Mossé and Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen for the Création Baumann Gecko Think Forward Competition, awarded first Prize in the Aesthetics category...

... also by by Aurélie Mossé the [extra]ordinary table , "a table to peel layer after layer".

Kathy Schicker's new Glow textiles, "her own modern and colour changing twist on traditional silk wallpaper full of glow in the dark birds".

Jo Angell's window blinds "which allow a diffused and magical light to pass through a natural cork fabric".

And Jo Angell's laser cut screen printed butterflies which can be stuck to windows to diffuse the light and give a colourful glow.


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