Russula.MGX Light by Arik Levy
by Harry / September 2, 2009

The Russula.MGX light "takes its name and shape from a mushroom - one of nature's most fascinating creations; fast growing and delicate, with both architectural and structural qualities, it reveals the most beautiful intricacies when sliced"...


3D design allowed the shade to have a complex mushroom-like structure inside and a simple one outside. Thanks to a slender supporting structure, the light also appears to float and hover in space.


Russula.MGX will be on display at 100% Design London later this month.

From MGX:

Russula.MGX was launched in 2009 as part of the E-volution collection. Inspired by the digital, environmental and artistic transitions taking place in the world, this collection was brought to life by the revolutionary .MGX additive layered fabrication (ALF) techniques. These techniques enable the merging of design, art, nature and technology and take the concept of beauty to a new level.
Beauty has always been viewed as something mysterious and intangible; a semi-divine property not amenable to scientific investigation. Yet the mathematical tools that determine beauty are gradually being understood. At .MGX we have been developing the techniques that enable the essence of beauty to be captured in an algorithm.


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