Home Away Clock by Kit Men
by Harry / August 24, 2009

Kit Men have created a new dual-time alarm clock for Hong Kong manufacturer M.N.S., the Home Away is a dual-time alarm clock that "explores how people's perception can be diverted into an everyday product"...


The notion of "Home and Away", the time at home and the time where you are away, is the inspiration for the design of this clock. Home and Away is visually demonstrated with two different degrees of color contrast on the clock interfaces, giving people a clear sense of which is the more important time to them. For example the higher contrast interface can represent "Home" as the idea of home is always clear in the user's mind, while the lower contrast interface can represent "Away" acting as a constant reminder of the distance away from home. The contrast allows the user to quickly and easily get the information they need with a passing glance of the clock.


Home Away will be exhibited at the Art Directors Club Gallery in New York starting from October 21.

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