Divinity by Charlotte Friis
by sabine7 / August 25, 2009

Divinity is a rosette-shaped ceiling light with a red pull string where the light would usually hang. This on-off switch is meant to reflect the on and off relationship we have with religion today. The sky is obviously a steady inspiration for lighting, as the Cloud Light by Taro & Sarah is another representation of that which is always out of reach. These modules, however, can easily be controlled to create a lamp of any size, thanks to magnets that hold the modules together. Crooner is a constellation of black pendants of different shapes by Hauser Winkel Schaub. Also after the jump is lighting from Hidden Art and Design Migration, a contrast between ornate and understated. Daisuke Hiraiwa's Plastic Knife Chandelier is something to behold.

Divinity by Charlotte Friis

Crooner by Hausen Winkel Schaub

Cloud Light by Taro and Sarah

Plastic Knife Chandelier by Daisuke Hiraiwa for Hidden Art

Lighting by Camilla Groth and Sami Ruotsalainen for Design Migration


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