Ground by Michael Antrobus
by Harry / August 5, 2009

Recent Kingston University grad Michael Antrobus has created a range of stationery called Ground made from twisted ribbons of steel...

The collection includes two pairs of scissors, a T square, craft knife and tape dispenser.

From Michael Antrobus:

Ground stationery is made from standard 18 inch sections of Ground Flat Stock. A high quality tool steel, precision machined in sheffield. Once hardened, this steel has a high wear resistance that makes it idea for industrial applications. It is typically used to make dies, press tools, and machine knives. Ground examines possible domestic applications and new markets for this industrial material.
All making possible, was done by myself in the workshop at Kingston university. The objects are a direct outcome of continued experimentation with the same material. Repeated Experiments with twists, pressing, heating, bending, and filing have resulted in this first family of stationery objects. I plan to broaden the project and produce more objects that follow the same process.


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