Creators Inn by Elvine Stockholm
by Harry / August 4, 2009

Stockholm's Creators Inn by Elvine is now open and it's the first hotel-in-hotel version of the free short-term accommodation for visiting creators concept. We interviewed the principals back in May; "We try to support up and coming creators of different kinds, the ones that would normally end up on someone's couch", instead the space is more than comfortable, a three room suite specially outfitted for creative types...

Located in the Hotel Scandic Malmen in Stockholm with easy access to culture, shopping and within walking distance of some of Stockholm's best live music venues, the Inn is an ideal hub for any creator visiting the Swedish capital.

Three separate rooms make up the suite: "The local library", "The dreamy study" and "The relaxing spa":

Living room / "The local library", featuring a wall-sized map of Stockholm, it's actually a collaborative city guide that guests use to mark their favorite spots so that future guests can benefit from their experience. The room can seat up to five people.

Bedroom / "The dreamy study" - A desk facing the bed is covered in cork so guests can write down those late night thoughts and post their inspiration. The desk is also fully equipped for work with a lamp, electronic sockets, wifi and stationary. The wardrobe even contains Elvine clothes the guests are free to use (Elvine is the primary sponsor).

The study

Bathroom - "The relaxing spa" - The spa features plants, magazines and The Story of Elvine on the shower glass to keep you company and keep you entertained while you bathe.

Among the many thoughtful details and services, an Elvine fixed gear rental bike (it's free to use), a "sophisticated bike for unsophisticated driving".


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