Sebastian Errazuriz' Google Alerts
by Harry / August 4, 2009

We spent A Day In An ABSOLUT World last Friday, saw the brand's latest ad campaign, got to meet some bloggers (hey Thrillist, HighSnobiety, Nicky) and met designer Sebastian Errazuriz, who was on a panel at this mini-TED-like event. We sat with Sebastian for a few minutes after the panel and remarked that he was surprisingly web savvy, to prove the point he then proceeded to tell us how he uses Google Alerts for projects, that's his current Top10 above...

Sebastian sent us a summary of that conversation in his own words:

The top ten keywords I have had to google lately are all related to my next public art project. Starting this Month I will be projecting on buildings in different cities around the world an image of the tragic Air France, Airbus 330 that fell to the sea.
I was very shocked by the accident when I first heard of it and was later very sad to hear that a collector who had recently bought one of my pieces had actually died on that plane. I had a hard time coping with the news and decided I needed to create a public art project that would remember that flight and honor this person.
I wanted to maintain the image of that plane continuing to fly indefinitely. I wanted the image of that plane to appear in different cities around the world as if the plane had stayed with us, continuing to live ...Flying around the world, appearing randomly on buildings in different cities, so people would remember the plane that disappeared.
My key Googled words: Art-on-skyscrapers, Digital to slide, Wide format slide processing, Most powerful slide projector, Importance of a good projection lens, Light bulb 10.000 ansi Lumens, Portable 110 v electric source, Small battery pack 12 Volt to 110 volt convertor, Sealed 40 Amps Wheelchair Battery, International flight aviation regulation for batteries on board.

Sebastian uses the alerts to inform himself and track what others are doing right now, a form of real-time search that keeps his projects current and connected. He checks them every day and adds new ones for new projects.


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