FUSION Curated by Tait Roelofs (T8)
by Harry / July 29, 2009

It's FUSION week at Lyons Wier Gallery, a week of "Art, Fashion, Film, Spoken Word & Urban Culture" featuring new work by Tait Roelofs, aka T8. T8 introduced his newest series of painting/sculptures subtly titled "What's My Motha Fu*&in' Name?". The work blurs art, fashion and commodity while maintaining the integrity of each. Above, T8 Truckers, cut and sewn trucker hats...


From Lyons Wier Gallery:

Drawing inspiration from and referencing such artists as Marcel Duchamp, Claes Oldenburg and Louis Vuitton, artist Tait Roelofs (T8) introduces his newest series of painting/sculptures entitled: "What's My Motha Fu*&in' Name?"
T8 will present five new sculptures resembling designer bags that are physically cut out and hand fabricated from his canvas paintings. He will also present a series of "T8 Boarders Ltd" (cut and sewn Converseā„¢ high-tops) ,"T8 Truckers" and "Jack Its"(cut and sewn trucker hats and jackets). The work soundly embraces the blurring of art, fashion and commodity while maintaining the integrity of each.
Acting as artist, designer and fabricator, T8 questions the validity of today's most commercial minded artists as well as challenges the finality and functionality of traditional two-dimensional works of art. Upon purchase, the patron has the final say as to the fate and use of the 'sculpture' acquired.

FUSION is on until July 31st at the Lyons Wier Gallery, 175 Seventh Ave. (@20th St.), NYC.

T8 Boarders Ltd

Jack Its

Designer bag

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