Frame by Marcus Abrahamsson & Kristoffer Fagerstrom
by Harry / July 27, 2009

Konstfacks University College of Arts Crafts and Design grads Marcus Abrahamsson and Kristoffer Fagerstrom took on the design of the Konstfacks outdoor café as their degree project. A site specific element, an outdoor bench called Frame made of 4x4's, got our attention for its simplicity and utility...


Konstfack Outdoor Café

From Marcus Abrahamsson:

With the aim of creating an interdisciplinary space, we have created a framework that lets the space react to influences and allows it to change over time. In the future when the wood content of this framework is worn out it is up to the current students to decide the content. By this we hope that the space will develop into a collage of materials. We are leaving something behind us that not only represents us and Konstfack at present but can also represent Konstfack in the future...


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