The Wiecha Project by Agnieszka Lasota
by Harry / July 23, 2009

More Łódź Design Festival preview. The Wiecha (Wreath) Project is a lampshade inspired by traditional Polish folk customs, in this instance the national tradition of hanging a wreath as a sign of completing a roof structure. Says Lasota, "I want my Wreath to be an inexpensive gift for those who have finished a refurbishment."...


From Agnieszka Lasota:

A wreath also means a final feast, a celebration of finalizing a difficult stage of a construction. The Wreath project is a 60 cm diameter wire spiral construction. The decorative unit consisting of more than 120 knots of a silk ribbon with an overall length of more than 130 meters. Each of this series has its own hidden intentions, inspirations or consignment. There are nine basic colors presented in 3 lines. The WREATH PROJECT can be custom or self made object. Can consist of little objects and everybody can create own Wreath based on needs and imagination.

le_roi_alessandro_dubini_3.jpg Alessandro Dubini's Le Roi is an homage to the commode, "the sovereign piece of furniture starting from the 18th century, with its lightness and winding shapes, brought to a modern material and shape." Le Roi uses a technique popular in that time as well, Trompe-l'œil...

Le Roi is made of a wooden internal structure which is then covered with aluminum plates decorated using sublimation printing, which allows the transfer of the decoration from a paper sheet to the aluminum plate in an indelible way.

Porcelain work by Karina Murasińska


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