Hayground by Craig Verzone, Cristina Woods, Dragos Ivanet
by Harry / July 22, 2009

More from the 2009 edition of the International Garden Festival. The Hayground garden reminds most visitors, including this one, how detached we've become from our common agricultural heritage (at least in North America). Every day 12 bales are removed, like "huge Lincoln Logs in a construction game", until there are none left...


From Craig Verzone, Cristina Woods, Dragos Ivanet:

This garden appropriates agricultural and horticultural vocabulary, while questioning the importance of natural cycles and the ephemeral aspect of a construction. Each day a dozen bales are removed from the structure that is gradually deconstructed into a random topography of straw. The public is invited to climb, walk and sit on these bales that look like parts of a huge Lincoln Logs construction game. Cristina Woods studied visual arts and architecture at Harvard and Craig Verzone landscape architecture at Cornell University and urban design at Harvard. Dragos Ivanet joined this collaborative, multi-disciplinary practice in the Swiss Alps that also has professional roots in Barcelona and northern Spain.


Each hay bale is numbered.


+ International Garden Festival


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