Labyrinthe by CÉDULE 40
by Harry / July 20, 2009

At the 2009 edition of the International Garden Festival we got a chance to tour Estevan, the former Summer residence of Lord Mount Stephen, a modest looking cabin from the outside but surprisingly large and elegant inside. 122 years later, just off the dining room, Labyrinthe, a moving garden by CEDULE 40 is poised to surprise diners...


From CÉDULE 40:

On the terrace of Estevan Lodge, this mobile garden features an ironic interpretation of classic French garden where the extreme desire for perfection reigns. In response to this, this playful labyrinth challenges the real and the artificial, the classical and the contemporary, order and disorder; the fixed and the mobile, while offering an interactive experience of the dislocated "contemplative garden". A statue of Daedalus, the inventor of the labyrinth, stands in the middle of the project. CÉDULE 40, an artist's collective founded in Saguenay in 2005, is made up of four multidisciplinary artists. This collective was created out of their shared interest in exploring new artistic terrain by creating unique installations that give a special connection between places and the people who will use them.

CÉDULE 40 is made up of Julien Boily, Sonia Boudreau, Étienne Boulanger, and Noémie Payant-Hébert.



Labyrinthe by CÉDULE 40 is the first in a series of videos we will present this week shot at the International Garden Festival 10th Anniversary Edition.

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