Shibori Pleats by Angharad McLaren
by Harry / July 20, 2009

A passion for sea and water-sports such as sailing and windsurfing inspired Angharad McLaren's latest collection of textiles. Shibori Pleats, above, is part of her signature collection of vibrant and dynamic woven textiles launching at 100% Futures later this year...

Neon Ropes

McLaren uses a mixture of hand-craft techniques and industrial production to create Dobby and Jacquard designs suitable for interior and outdoor use. Her textiles can be used for blinds, screens, wall panels, floor mats and furnishings.

From Angharad McLaren:

A passion for the sea and water-sports such as sailing and windsurfing visually inspire the colours, patterns and textures in Angharad's signature designs. Her personal experience of sports and performance textiles has also led to exploration of hi-tech yarns and finishes such as water-repellent waxes, neoprene and reflective yarns as well as organic, recycled and eco-friendly materials. In an experimental design process she combines these with new weave structures and updates traditional patterns, sometimes combining industrial production with hand- finishing techniques to create unique innovative effects.

ropes_neoprene_mat_2_angharad_mclaren.jpg Ropes & Neoprene Mat

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