2 (or 3 ...) Questions for No-problem
by sabine7 / July 23, 2009

No-problem is a Danish design collective comprised of Signe Baadsgaard, Martin Hartmann, Nikolaj de Hansen and Isabel Ahm, a group of four young designers who see design as a way of solving problems. No-problem seeks to offer long-term solutions based on user needs, without adding bells and whistles to furniture that is already out there. The No-problem stand at SaloneSatellite was one that made a strong impression because each of the designs presented was a straightforward workhorse, ready to the job for the long haul, not just a pretty face or in for a quick laugh.

Flip table by Signe Baadsgaard

As a collective, No-problem seems to tackle storage solutions head-on. Is this a coincidence that all four of your currents projects are storage-related, or is this something you set out to do?

No, we did not sit down and plan that we would do storage related items. But as we are all living in Copenhagen city flats, it is a natural approach, as we all need more space and storage solutions for ourselves. So the problems that we have approached with this project are quite present in our own everyday lives.

Flip table by Signe Baadsgaard

What are the challenges to working as a collective?

It is definitely a challenge to organize and distribute the work evenly. There is also the fact that people tend to see us as a company or a brand. We are still a little curious about whether people get that No-problem is a design platform consisting of four independent designers or not. We use the platform to lift all the tasks that are a natural part of promoting a new design and project. But first off all we use the platform to give and get qualified critiques in the design process.

Hang On! by Martin Hartmann

It has been stated that you are working "towards a holistic design evolution." What do you mean by this?

We mean that we work to move design into a new direction, where we focus on human behaviour and ways of living, rather than making objects that have already been seen in new forms and colors. We don't think that one should change furniture like one changes a wardrobe. We want to make high- quality, well-functioning furniture with a long lasting design that is affordable and solves everyday problems.

Kiddo by Usus (Isabel Ahm)

I remember Isabel mentioning in Milan that there are "more chairs than asses" - how does this type of reflection guide your design philosophy?"

It does in the sense that we try to make original things and that we don't want to reproduce already existing objects. We are not too fond of consumerism, so we try to make long lasting and new things, which one only purchases once.

Mule by Nikolaj de Hansen

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