Heart For the Birds by Josh Coulas
by Harry / July 7, 2009

For the Birds is a fundraiser created for The Toronto Botanical Garden, a birdhouse competition to design and construct birdhouses that promote nesting and provide shelter for migrating birds. That's Josh Coulas' Heart entry for Bluebirds above. More after the jump.

Here's a sampling of contest entries:

Janice Lee, Son Van Huynh and Nancy Wilson's Tree Swallow birdhouse.

Mike Wasilewski and Denis Flanagan's Tree Swallow birdhouse.

Kate Fox-Whyte's House Wren birdhouse.

John Greg Ball and Bobby Tripp's House Wren birdhouse.

Dieter Janssen's Chickadee birdhouse.

From the Toronto Botanical Garden website:

The For the Birds fundraiser has been created for the Toronto Botanical Garden (TBG) to:
* Bring attention to the ongoing mandate of the TBG to promote environmental awareness through education
* Support TBG fundraising efforts
* Inspire the community to become aware of the plight of songbirds due to environmental degradation
* Promote a message of wildlife preservation, ecological awareness and sustainability
* Jumpstart the TBG long term vision of extending it's influence beyond the local site
* Educate visitors to TBG on principles of bird nesting, habitat and support.

See all the entries here.

+ torontobotanicalgarden.ca


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