Glamurama SPFW Summer by 20.87 estúdio
by Harry / July 1, 2009

20.87 estúdio have just created a lounge space for Brazilian website Glamurama for São Paulo Fashion Week that featured two basic elements from the SPFW show floor, namely plywood and wool. 5 km of wool. More after the jump.




From 20.87:

SPFW took place in Bienal Pavillion. Every lounge inside the Bienal is a wooden structure and is built with plywood boards. 20.87 assumed those boards as a texture, bringing back the essence of the building. As an ephemeral event, like an exposition, that starts and finishes in a few days, 20.87 had the precaution to use only low environmental impact materials.
The wool was a reference for the "gossip" and old slang in Portuguese: "Tricotar" or to knit, a reference for the information that goes over and over through the people. Also, the wool line is a simple and a cheap material, the installation consists of over five kilometers of wool around the plywood box. The wool was a answer for a representative, intelligent over texture.


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