Torr by Nicolas Bovesse
by sabine7 / June 30, 2009

The Torr Vase by Nicolas Bovesse is named after Evangelista Torricelli, the inventor of the barometer. Based on the principle of the space and atmospheric pressure on water, the water in the bottle will flow only when flowers are placed in the wire support and are ready to drink. Another design by Bovesse is the Éclat mirror that appears to be moving at a jaunty angle within its form. An idea that mixes plant life and angles is Mule, a plant rack that acts as room divider by Nikolaj de Hansen of Danish collective No Problem. Kenji Fukushima's mobiles are an airy, easy way to lighten up a space.

Torr vase by Nicolas Bovesse

Éclat by Nicolas Bovesse

Mule by Nikolaj de Hansen for No Problem

Mobiles by Kenji Fukushima

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