Let It Snow by Mi Young Yeo
by sabine7 / June 30, 2009

Mi Young Yeo of Korea's Gocce Design has created the kaleidoscopic Let It Snow, a user-friendly ambient lighting system. Turn the central crystal like a knob or dial and control the amount of coloured light that is reflected on the mirrored backdrop. Each crystal produces a beautiful snowflake of light. Hidden Art features lighting that is just as intricate: work by Yu Jordy Fu. Yu Jordy Fu's Cloud Lamps are made of recycled paper and reflect the ancient Chinese art of paper-cutting that was used to record memories and events. The Cloud Lamps are shades treated with a non-flammable spray and are designed to be used with energy-saving bulbs. And Stockholm's Maria Larsson and Maria Olevik of In Every Tree create sculptural lighting out of bone china and mixed media. Books lie stacked on a table or stand upright on a shelf.

Let It Snow by Mi Young Yeo
Cloud Lamp by Yu Jordy Fu for Hidden Art

Cloud Lamps by Yu Jordy Fu for Hidden Art

In Every Tree

In Every Tree


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